01 Dec 2016

GNP+ Announces New Board

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – The Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) is pleased to announce the addition of nine new board members – each of whom bring a wealth of experience, passion and commitment to the global fight for the health, safety and human rights of all people living with HIV.

Joining remaining board members EriKa Castellanos (Belize) and Jaime Luna (Panama), are new members Chinmay Modi (India), Christian Hui (Canada), Flavia Kyomukama (Uganda), Javier Hourcade Bellocq (Argentina), L’Orangelis Thomas Negrón (Caribbean/Puerto Rico) and Chris Mallouris (Cyprus).  “GNP+ has always been led by representatives of the communities we fight for and our newest board members demonstrates that GNP+ continues to model that democratic spirit in our governance,” said outgoing Board Chair, Cecilia Chung.

While the selection of new board members to fill additional seats remains ongoing, the revamp of governance and secretariat structure has begun. Over the next year, GNP+ will be focused on strengthening its core competencies and expanding its programming to better meet the on-the-ground needs of the regional and national networks of people living with HIV and global key population constituencies that we represent.

In thanking the former board members for their contributions and welcoming the new board members, the newly appointed Executive Director a.i. of GNP+, Rico Gustav, added “the multifaceted challenges that face the short and long term viability of networks of people living with HIV are enormous. Meeting those challenges requires strong relationships with civil society and key bilateral and multilateral stakeholders, as well as a commitment to evidence-based advocacy and a passion for supporting the greater empowerment of people living with HIV. Our new board brings with them a long history of advocacy for HIV-positive communities and key populations, as well as a broad range of talents and accomplishments. We look forward to working with them to advance our ambitious agenda as we continue the fight for universal access to healthcare and human rights for all people living with HIV.”

Founded in 1992, GNP+ is a network of networks and members that engage with people living with HIV regionally and nationally. We channel the voices and needs of people living with HIV on the ground to the global level. We also work to identify and address the capacity building needs of networks of people living with HIV and people who are part of broader key population identities and communities, including young people. GNP+ addresses stigma, discrimination and human rights violations in tandem with advocacy for greater access to comprehensive and integrated treatment, care and support programmes and services for all people living with HIV.

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