Speaking Out. Rights violation against sex workers in Kenya.

Kenyan sex workers continue to suffer human rights violations despite a constitutional framework that includes a comprehensive Bill of Rights guaranteeing rights for all. This is why we developed the Human Rights Count for Key Populations Living with HIV (KPLHIV). It follows the success of Human Rights Count!, an evidence gathering tool developed and supported by GNP+ in eleven countries (including Kenya), which enabled networks of people living with HIV to document cases of HIV-related human rights violations.

In Kenya, networks of key populations and people living with HIV decided to focus on human rights violations among female sex workers living with HIV. Interviews with 30 sex workers living with HIV in six counties – Nairobi, Mombasa, Kiambu, Machakos, Kisumu and Busia – brought to the surface the many human rights violations female sex workers living with HIV face while accessing healthcare services, and violations by law enforcement officers.

Based on real life examples of violations, the Kenyan networks defined recommendations to promote the right to healthcare and access to justice, and to reform laws and policies.

Publication title:Speaking Out: Rights violations against sex workers in Kenya
Publisher:NEPHAK, GNP+
Document Type:PDF
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