13 Jan 2017

Who Are The UNITAID Communities Delegation

UNITAID is an innovative global health initiative that uses its long-term sustainable funding to support projects that positively impact the market for medicines, diagnostics and other health products for HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria.

The Communities Delegation to the UNITAID board aims for a UNITAID in which people living with and affected by HIV, TB and Malaria and those co-infected with HIV and HCV have access to tests, medicines and products that prevent new infections, that are affordable and meet their needs. The delegation represents the communities and their views at UNITAID Board and Committee level and ensures the voices from the communities positively influence the decisions, priorities, programmes and overall impact of UNITAID, at Board and country level. The delegation members also report back to their respective communities. They are guided by the Delegation Handbook.

Currently the following people are member of the delegation:

  • Ms Carol Nawina Nyirenda – Zambia – CITAM+
  • Ms Faith Nakigudde – Uganda – Wentz Medical Center
  • Mrs Mercy Annapoorani – India – Blossom Trust, Rainbow TB Forum
  • Mr Endalkachew (Endy) Fekadu Demmisse – Ethiopia – Volunteer Health Services | VHS
  • Mr John Rock – Australia – APN+
  • Mr Javier Pablo Anamaria Cardenas – Peru – Peruvian Network of people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Ms Olivia Ngou – Cameroon – Malaria No More
  • Mr Louis da Gama – Portugal – Malaria Advocacy & Communications
  • Mrs Alexandra (Sasha) Volgina – Ukraine – All Ukrainian Network of PWHA
  • Mr Ibrahim Umoru – Nigeria – Good Health Educators Initiative
  • Mr Anatoli Leshenok – Belarus – Belarusian Community of  People living with HIV
  • Mr Appolinaire Zagabe – DRC – Plaideurs des Enfants et des Personnes Agees a risqué (PEPA)
  • Mrs Rosette Mutoambi – Uganda – HEPS Uganda
  • Mrs Blessi Kumar – India – Global Coalition of TB Activists (GCTA)
  • Mr Nelson Otwoma – Kenya – NEPHAK
  • Mrs Gracia Violeta Ross Quiroga – Bolivia – Bolivian Network of People living with HIV/AIDS (Board Member)
  • Mr Kenly Sikwese – Zambia – AFROCAB (Alternate Board Member)
  • Mr Wim Vandevelde – South Africa – GNP+ (Communities Liaison Officer)
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