Board members

Board members
Javier Hourcade Bellocq – Argentina
Javier (49) started working on HIV in 1988 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is a founding member of the Argentinean and Latin American PLWHA Network. Next to having served in the board of GNP+ during 1995 and 2000, Javier has served in many international and regional boards, committees and working groups, such as the UNAIDS Program Coordinating Board and the Global Fund Board and including four International AIDS Conferences. Currently Javier works as the Civil Society Representative in the CFATM LAC Board Delegation and was a former member of the Robert Carr Civil Society Network Fund International Steering Committee.
Flavia Kyomukama – Uganda
Flavia (48) has been living with HIV since 1994 and is an experienced gender, HIV and human rights activist and advocate for the positive, health, dignity and prevention framework (PHDP). Currently finalizing her Masters in leadership and governance, Flavia used to be a teacher and was the first manager of the SALT helpline in Uganda and HIV advisor for UNESCO Mozambique. Flavia is co-founder of NAFOPHANU and board member for 8 years. She is the Chairperson of the NAP+EAR, and has served at many other boards. Currently Flavia is the programme manager of WONETHA, a sex workers organization in Uganda.
Dr. Christoforos Mallouris – Cyprus
Chris (45), is currently working as Community Mobilisation Adviser at UNAIDS and is also the focal point on people who inject drugs. Previously Chris has worked for the Social Justice 4 All consulting firm in the Netherlands, served as the Director of Programmes at the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) (2008-2011) and at UNESCO (Paris) (2003-2008), working on the education’s sector response to AIDS. Chris holds a GradD in Public Health, a Masters and a PhD in Astrophysics and a Bachelors of Art in Physics.
Chinmay Modi – India
Chinmay (23) is a young person born with HIV who has been representing adolescents and youth living with HIV in different regional and global fora. He is a Board member of the National Coalition of People living with HIV in India, and TB-HIV coordinator in the Global Fund funded Vihaan programme of the HIV/AIDS Alliance India.
                       Julian Kerboghossian  – Lebanon
Julian (25) is an HIV/AIDS advocate focused mainly on youth and key population issues in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Julian has been engaged in the HIV/AIDS response by the age of 19, starting as a volunteer at local NGOs implementing projects at the local/country level. In 2015 he joined the global network of young people living with HIV (Y+) and then was elected to serve as the Y+ Board Co-chair. As a Y+ leader his main goal is to ensure that the voices of YPLHIV were heard in addition to maintaining the sustainability of Y+ network.
                            Nelson Juma Otwoma – Kenya
Nelson (46) is currently the Executive Director of the National Empowerment Network for People living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya (NEPHAK) where he works to provide strategic, accountable and professional leadership to enhance the voice and visibility of people living with HIV and those affected by TB and AIDS. Nelson serves in a number of national and global health, HIV and TB coordination and management bodies and structures and is a member of the CCM to the Global Fund and represents the ‘Special Interests’ of people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS at the Kenya HIV Equity Tribunal.
       Trevor Stratton – Canada/New Credit First Nation 
Trevor (52) is a member of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation near Toronto, Canada with mixed English and Ojibwe heritage. Diagnosed with HIV in 1990, Trevor turned to his community and the Indigenous HIV and AIDS movement for support and became an activist, volunteer and consultant. He is now the Coordinator for the International Indigenous Working Group on HIV & AIDS (IIWGHA) for its host organization, the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN) and he is a member of the NGO Delegation on the Programme Coordinating Board of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) for a two-year term from 2016 to 2017.
                            Jacquelyne Alesi – Uganda
Jacquelyne (31) most recently served as the Executive Director of the Uganda Network of young People Living with HIV (UNYPA) and was the only young person to chair the Policy, Advocacy and Programmes Committee for the National Forum of People of Living with HIV/AIDS Networks in Uganda (NAFOPHANU). Jacquelyne is determined to contribute to the creation of an enabling environment for all young people living with HIV particularly in regards to HIV-SRHR integration. As a youth advocate living with HIV, Jacquelyne is able to speak across a range of experiences and issues, including human rights, gender based violence, LGBT rights, and meaningful youth engagement in regional and global advocacy.
                          Svitlana Moroz – Ukraine 
Svitlana (38) is a HIV-positive women’s rights activist. She is one of the founders of the Union of Women of Ukraine affected by HIV “Positive Women” and since 2013 she has coordinated activities for the Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS. For the past 14 years she has run a grassroots organisation called Club “Svitanok” which provides comprehensive community-based services for people living with HIV, people who use drugs, vulnerable women and children and prisoners. Svitlana is also a leading author of a community-based research project led by women living with HIV and titled, “Sexual and reproductive health, gender equality and human rights, gender-based violence, economic and political opportunities of women living with HIV in Ukraine”.
                    Phelister Wamboi Abdalla – Kenya
Phelister (31) is the National Coordinator of the Kenya Sex Workers Alliance (KESWA). Phelister is also a single mother of three as well as an active sex worker that has been living with HIV for the past 11 years. Phelister started sex work while still in secondary school earning a certificate of secondary education. She has since become a social justice advocate that is passionate about the inclusive participation of sex workers in programmatic planning, decision-making and implementing advocacy.Over the past few years, Phelister has increased the membership of KEWSA to over 60 sex worker led organizations. She has also built strong partnerships between KEWSA and government agencies and other development partners and has supported the creation of a national assessment on strengthening access to legal, health and human rights services for sex workers in Kenya.
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