20 Jul 2020

Call for Expressions of Interest: COVID-19 Community Representation in the ACT-Accelerator Therapeutics Pillar

The Communities Delegation to the Board of Unitaid is currently inviting applications for a COVID-19 Community Representative to advocate the viewpoints and needs of persons living with or have been infected with Covid-19 within the ACT-Accelerator Therapeutics pillar supported by a constituency of NGOs and Community organisations. This process is coordinated by the Communities Delegation to the Board of Unitaid.

Please note the closing date for applications is 9 August 2020. We apologise for the short turn-around for this call for representatives. The work of the Therapeutics pillar is moving extremely fast and major decisions are being taken already and therapeutic products are being identified. Hence, it is crucial to identify the community representatives as soon as possible who can participate in the key decisions being made on commodities and processes. 


The ACT-Accelerator (ACT-A) is designed to accelerate the development, production and equitable global access to safe, quality, effective, and affordable COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines. The overarching coordination for ACT-Accelerator is the Facilitation Group, intended to oversee progress from the three main pillars:

  • Vaccines (co-convenors: CEPI & Gavi)
  • Therapeutics (co-convenors: Wellcome Trust & Unitaid)
  • Diagnostics (co-convenors: FIND & Global Fund)

Therapeutics Pillar

Within the therapeutics pillar there are 4 workstreams:

  1. Rapid evidence assessment of candidates (identify priority compounds or repurposed medicines to test for efficacy against COVID-19, and coordinate clinical trials portfolio and scientific direction)
  2. Market preparedness (facilitate market entry and supply at scale (inc. regulatory issues, intellectual property, manufacturing capacity, pricing)
  3. Adequate deployment in all countries (ensure procurement, equitable distribution and delivery at scale and in all settings)
  4. Costing/ financing (cross-cutting) (identify resource needs for successful delivery of partnership work including the preparation of investment cases)

Role of Community Representatives

The COVID-19 Community Representative will join the civil society representatives in the Therapeutics Pillar and support the core activities of workstreams 1-3 and actively:

  1. Seek input from their constituents (persons living with or have been infected with COVID-19 and their peer/support groups) on decisions, including through consultations and the constituency mailing lists
  2. Provide feedback on their activities and positions taken to their constituents through teleconferences and the mailing list
  3. Work together as a team to ensure that relevant information is shared across workstreams and to develop strategies that can be implemented collectively as the therapeutics pillar evolves.

The full terms of reference can be found: Covid-19 Community Representation (ACT-A Therapeutics Pillar) Terms of Reference

And the application form: Covid-19 Community Representation ACT-Accelerator Therapeutics Pillar Application Form

To apply:

Please submit a completed application form and CV/resume (maximum 1 page) to wvandevelde@gnpplus.net by Sunday 9 August 2020.

If you have any questions, please email wvandevelde@gnpplus.net

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