08 Jun 2010

Campaigning, Advocacy and Lobbying Skills Exchange and Knowledge Building Workshops

Three in-country campaigning, advocacy and lobbying skills exchange and knowledge building workshops were successfully held in Nigeria, Kenya and Zambia between March and June 2010. The workshops were sponsored by UNDP and organised in partnership with the national networks of people living with HIV and Civil Society from within each country.

Whilst the issues identified during the workshops were generally similar to the issues already identified by the HIV campaign platforms in the countries, the new and strong elements were that these messages are evidence-informed, they are to be delivered by people most central to the epidemic, and immediate action is envisaged.

The aim of the workshop was to introduce the key findings from the HIV Leadership through Accountability tools and to develop the basis for a SMART 6-month work plan for each country. The workshops in all three countries managed to produce a specific HIV issue-focussed campaign plan led by people living with HIV, embedded in the research findings and related to the existing work plans of the various organisations at the workshops

Over 90 participants representing over 40 different organisations, the majority living with HIV , underwent three days focussed skills development and knowledge-building around HIV campaigning, advocacy and lobbying. There was representation from networks of people living with HIV , people with disabilities, men who have sex with men, trade unions, commercial sex workers, religious organisations, youth, women‘s organisations, National AIDS Control councils, regional organisations, government bodies, international NGOs and UN agencies.

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