26 Jun 2018

Civil Society Speaks Recording: Eastern European and Central Asian (EECA) Activists Making Their Mark at AIDS 2018

On Tuesday, 3 July 2018, GNP+ hosted an informative conversation with a number of civil society leaders from the Eastern European and Central Asian region that are on the forefront of our new era of HIV/AIDS related advocacy and activism. This teleconference was conducted primarily in Russian with a limited amount of English translation.

Call participants discussed the life-saving treatment access and human rights advocacy campaigns that they are leading in the face of enormous obstacles. Speakers also highlighted the ongoing challenges that people living with HIV and key populations in the region face related to stigma, discrimination and social and political violence as well as with widespread barriers accessing comprehensive HIV treatment, care, prevention and sexual and reproductive health services. Finally, speakers discussed their plans, activities and goals for AIDS 2018 to ensure that their voices are heard and concerns are addressed.

Speakers on the call included: Sasha Volgina from GNP+, Yana Panfilova of Teenergizer, Daria Alekseeva from AFEW International, Sergey Dmitriev of the All Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV, Maria Godlevskaya, from EVA – All Russian network of women living with HIV, Natalia Podogova, from ‘chase the virus, not people’ campaign!, Daniyar Orsekov of Kyrgyz Indigo and Aibar Sultangaziev from the Partnership Network Association of  Kyrgyzstan

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in this incredible webinar now is your chance to check out the recording linked below.

Teleconference Recording – CLICK HERE 


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