19 Nov 2010

Consultation on HIV-related Stigma Measures & Measurement Tools

The Global Network of People living with HIV between July and September 2010 held a consultation with people living with HIV as part of a process to develop better indicators to measure HIV-related stigma. The consultation aimed to determine priorities for addressing stigma, to identify key indicators, and to enable measurement of progress in efforts to reduce stigma.

One of the main conclusions was that the development of these indicators should concentrate on the perception of stigma experienced by people living with HIV as a measurement of stigma toward people living with HIV. This in contrast with indicators generated through consultations with the general population, which were viewed as a weak proxy for consulting with people living with HIV themselves.

During the consultation over 500 replies were received to an online questionnaire in four languages – English, French, Spanish and Russian. In addition, in-depth semi structured interview were conducted with a sample of 19 people living with HIV. GNP+ would like to express its gratitude to all those people living with HIV that took part.

This consultation was funded by the United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). Please download the report here: Consultation on HIV-related Stigma Measures and Measurement Tools

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