30 Jun 2010

Deconstructing ‘shared responsibility’ in Bolivia

In a four-day consultation and workshop co-organised by Redbol+, GNP+, the Population Council and UNAIDS, members of the Redbol+ steering committee explored the new concept of Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention and its implications for advocacy in Bolivia.

From 7 April to 9 April 2010, steering committee members discussed the principles and components of Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention, concluding that the principle of ‘shared responsibility’ is key to addressing HIV prevention with people living with HIV in a way that does not place blame on the HIV-positive person but supports both HIV-positive and HIV-negative people to be informed and to make individual choices.

Redbol+ steering committee members adapted the questionnaire, which will be used for a study with 320 people living with HIV in Bolivia. With the support of the Ministry of Health, interviews will be conducted through support groups and within treatment and care centres.

Findings from the study will help inform Redbol+’s advocacy on the Law Number 3729 (which stipulates disclosure to sexual partners and healthcare professionals), and within other national, regional and international processes.

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