28 Jun 2018

GNP+ Welcomes the Appointment of Kevin Osborne to the IAS

The Board and Staff of GNP+ congratulate Kevin Osborne on his appointment as the incoming Executive Director of the International AIDS Society (IAS).

GNP+ recognizes Kevin as a vocal and fierce leader among people living with HIV and key populations. Kevin has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to multisectoral, human rights-based responses that meet the needs of those hard to reach. The IAS and its partners will benefit substantially from Kevin’s experience, leadership and guidance as his entire career embodies the adoption of the GIPA principle.

The IAS has a longstanding history of bringing together health professionals and community members and coordinating their engagement in HIV and human rights issues. Additionally, throughout the years, the IAS and GNP+ have collaborated on a number of important initiatives – including as community partners for the bi-yearly International AIDS Conferences which continue to bring visibility to AIDS and convene politicians, governments, service providers, researchers and communities.

“Kevin is devoted to advocating for the health, safety and wellbeing of people living with HIV, in all of their diversities,” says GNP+ Board Chair, Javier Hourcade Bellocq. “We have all known and worked with Kevin for many years and have always been greatly impressed with his vision, leadership and innovative ideas on strengthening our engagement between networks of people living with HIV.”

Moving forward, the GNP+ family looks forward to continuing to work closely with Kevin as we work towards addressing the unmet needs and challenges in our communities.


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