05 Jul 2018

GNP+’s 2017 Annual Report: Leveraging the Power of Communities

The Secretariat and Board of GNP+ are pleased to present to you our 2017 Annual Report!

This past year, GNP+ endeavoured to build stronger, more resilient and more informed communities. We supported individuals and networks to know their rights and their governments’ obligations and to organize in strategic ways to use the gains won at the global level to push the needle at national levels toward greater health, inclusion, dignity and democratic engagement.

Among our achievements in 2017, GNP+ enhanced our capacity to support treatment access work, bringing in two treatment access experts living with HIV who have experience from grassroots activism and regional organizing in the Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Asia Pacific regions. Further, we organized with multiple regional and country-level networks to provide training and support for meaningful engagement with Global Fund processes and with the Communities Delegation to UNITAID – helping to set the priorities, disseminate critical information and determine innovations that matter most for us.

Throughout all of our work, we were privileged to work hand in hand within the family of global, regional, and national movements led by and for the people most affected by the HIV epidemic: including people living with HIV themselves, women living with HIV, young people living with HIV, gay and MSM, transgender, sex workers, and people who use drugs.

Although we remain a small organization, we endeavour to make a large impact in our collective fight to ensure the rights, health, safety and wellness of people living with HIV and empower members of our communities to strengthen their representation and voice in local, national and international policy and programmatic arenas.

Eager to see what else we did in 2017?  Read our full annual report!

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