11 Dec 2013

New Executive Director appointed at the Global Network of People Living with HIV


Today, the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) announces the appointment of Suzette Moses-Burton, who joins the organization as the Executive Director on 6 January 2014.

Moses-Burton arrives in her new role at GNP+ from her position as the HIV/AIDS Programme Manager for St. Maarten, a constituent country of the Netherlands in the Caribbean, where she has been managing and coordinating the implementation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan since 2002.

Moses-Burton says: “I am excited about the opportunity to assume the leadership of a global organization at the forefront of improving the lives of people living with HIV. In the context of a shifting epidemic, and the post-2015 development agenda, this is an important time for GNP+. We must adapt to the changing environment without losing the inherent value of who we are and what our mission is as an organization.”

Ryan Timothy Maduro, co-Chair of the GNP+ Board, said: “It is an exciting time for GNP+ as we welcome Suzette. Change is here, and it is good. The global HIV movement is at a crossroads, and I firmly believe that Suzette will be a catalyst for that change. She not only brings a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge to the organization, but I also believe that she will be a breath of fresh air that will re-energize and re-focus the vision for GNP+, giving us direction, as people living with HIV around the globe, for the roles and responsibilities we need to assume for renewed positive empowerment.”

Anna Żakowicz, co-Chair of the GNP+ Board, said, “It is with great pleasure that the Board of GNP+ welcomes Suzette to lead the GNP+ secretariat and our activities around the world. Suzette is a visionary woman, a key advocate and leader for people living with HIV for over 20 years. She brings passion, creative thinking and new ideas to address the issues that people who live with HIV face on an everyday basis. We value her deep understanding of the HIV sector, which we are sure she will turn to the benefit of the community.”

Moses-Burton, who has been living with HIV since 1993, has been actively involved in the field of HIV education and awareness, with particular emphasis on care and support of persons living with HIV. Her involvement with the Caribbean Regional Network of Persons living with HIV/AIDS began in 1996, when she was elected as the first Chair, and has since served numerous terms in various capacities.

In 1999, Mrs. Moses-Burton co-founded H.O.P.E. (Helping Ourselves in a Positive Environment), the support group for people living with HIV in St. Maarten. As a member of the St. Maarten AIDS Foundation, she has organized the local International AIDS Candlelight Memorial since 1999, and has been a board member since 2000.

In her capacity as HIV/AIDS Programme Manager, Moses-Burton was a member of the Caribbean Coalition of National AIDS Programme Coordinators since its inception in 2002, serving four terms on the board.

Moses-Burton has operated not only at a national and regional level, but also on the international stage, most recently as a member of the Conference Coordinating Committee and the Co-Chair of the Leadership and Accountability Programme Committee for AIDS 2012. She is in demand as a speaker, chair, facilitator and presenter at international and regional conferences, as well as local workshops, with special emphasis on issues relating to people living with HIV, and prides herself on a hands-on approach to her work.

Moses-Burton says, “My vision for the movement of people living with HIV is not one where we are reactive, but proactive; not one where we wait for someone to hand the baton to us, but one where we proudly carry the baton ourselves. Our future lies in understanding that we are the ones who have to create the paradigm shift”.

Since the departure of Dr. Kevin Moody from his position as CEO/Global Coordinator in October 2013, Raoul Fransen has been leading GNP+ in the role of Executive Director a.i. Anna Żakowicz and Ryan Timothy Maduro would like to thank Raoul Fransen on behalf of the whole Board for his dedication and support of GNP+ in this transition period.

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