HIV treatment is essential for people living with HIV. Effective HIV treatment not only embodies antiretroviral treatment but also includes diagnostics, viral load testing and care, support and prevention services. Access to treatment is as important as treatment literacy. Too many people do not yet know how HIV treatment also functions as an effective HIV prevention method.

These days antiretroviral medication is used to prevent vertical transmission and as prophylaxis before and after exposure to HIV (PrEP and PEP). In addition, it has now been well established that the risk of infection from people living with HIV with an undetectable viral load is negligible.

GNP+ advocates for the highest quality of treatment to be available and accessible for all people living with HIV, when and where they want it and when and where they need it. We work with organisations of people living with HIV to define treatment needs and advocate for better health care. Together we improve the quality of life of gay men in New York, sex workers in Nairobi, people who use drugs in Nepal, young people in Morocco, women and girls in Southern Africa, transgender people in Bangkok and many others.

We also collaborate with UN agencies like the WHO to refine guidelines for HIV treatment, HIV prevention and the sexual and reproductive health and human rights of women living with HIV. In our work with governments and communities we aim to prepare health systems and people living with HIV for lifelong treatment.

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