We speak to lots of different people with HIV – not just once, but all the time – to get a good idea of what specific policies and services really mean for people.

As a network of people living with HIV we continuously seek out the opinions and experiences of people living with HIV in a structured way. We organise consultations to inform our own advocacy, and work with partners in the HIV response to gather the perspectives of people living with HIV worldwide.

GNP+ consultations with people living with HIV worldwide have been instrumental in informing the latest WHO guidelines on HIV treatment. When consulting with people living with HIV we organise face-to-face consultations, focus group discussions, webinars and e-surveys. The numbers of participants range from anything between 10 people and 5000 people.

In the past few years our own LIVING consultation processes have been instrumental in creating the Global Advocacy Agenda of the global movement of people living with HIV.

Our experience in translating the outcomes of consultative processes to advocacy dates back to 1999, when the first Global Advocacy Agenda was created at the 9th conference of people living with HIV in Warsaw.

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