The Summit

The Summit

LIVING 2016 was the 3rd Positive Leadership Summit. The LIVING Positive Leadership Summit takes place every four years as a two-day conference prior to the International AIDS Conference. Starting in 1986, the international conferences of people living with HIV have strengthened the HIV movement, built HIV positive leadership and skills, nurtured the sharing of experiences, and developed joint priorities and a global advocacy agenda.

Status of the response

The HIV epidemic is far from over. Donors are reducing their financial support for the HIV response, and pulling out of middle income countries (MICs) altogether. Yet by 2020 most people living with HIV will be in MICs. Regressive laws and policies that keep people away from services remain in place, and in some places legal and social environments are worsening. Treatment access is far from universal.

Young people, men who have sex with men, transgender people, sex workers, and people who use drugs, when they aren’t flat out refused treatment, care and prevention, don’t have access to services tailored to their needs. Only a strong movement of people living with HIV can keep the global HIV response on track and accountable.

Advocacy Agenda

At LIVING 2012 in Washington DC we defined the HIV Global Advocacy Agenda, a global guide for HIV+ advocacy. LIVING 2016 will draw from that agenda. There is ‘unfinished business’, while many new concerns and challenges have emerged or risen to greater importance. Domestic financing, PrEP, and the impact on weak health systems of implementing WHO’s new treatment guidelines, to name a few.

LIVING 2016 brought together the stories, knowledge and experiences of people living with HIV in all their diversity  so we can develop a common voice and plan for action.

Read more about the consultations.

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