29 Jan 2018

PHDP: Training Modules for Promoting Leadership among Persons Living with HIV, Second Edition

Health Policy Plus announces the release of an updated Positive Health, Dignity, and Prevention (PHDP) curriculum. The PHDP curriculum provides an easy-to-use set of resources to strengthen the capacity of people living with HIV to serve as leaders and advocates to improve health services and outcomes for themselves and their peers. Originally developed in 2014, this second edition of the PHDP curriculum reflects new evidence, an alignment with the Government of Jamaica’s adoption of WHO’s test and treat guidelines for HIV, and better addresses the needs of key populations. The manual, now consisting of 17 participatory learning modules covering a range of topics, including stigma and discrimination, treatment literacy, disclosure, and three new modules on HIV and human rights, sexual health, and resilient leadership, can be adapted for different stakeholders and country contexts.

The PHDP curriculum was developed through a participatory process, led by Health Policy Plus and involving a diverse group of people living with HIV and key populations, in collaboration with the Jamaican Network of Seropositives (JN+) and the Jamaican Ministry of Health’s National HIV/STI Program (GIPA Capacity Building Project).

The complete curriculum package, including the PowerPoint presentations and accessible versions of handouts are available as a zip file in the section below. You may also visit our PHDP page to download individual modules, the updated PHDP curriculum flier, and the supporting materials or download just the full curriculum as a single file.

To read more about strengthening Jamaica’s HIV response with PHDP click here

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