18 Feb 2010

PLHIV consult on new TB Guidelines

GNP+ and other networks of people living with HIV and HIV and TB activists late 2009 provided recommendations to the new Tuberculosis (TB) Guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). To develop the recommendations, GNP+ organized an international electronic consultation. ICW organised face to face consultations in Southern Africa

These guidelines on TB preventive therapy and intensified case finding for TB in adults and children living with HIV will be released in the third quarter of 2010. Read the background reports prepared by networks of people living with HIV:

GNP+ Consultation WHO Guideline for TB Preventive Therapy (0.24 Mb)

ICW Joint Report TB Co-infection (0.17 Mb)

The new TB Guidelines will reconceptualise the 1998 WHO/UNAIDS Policy statement on TB preventive therapy and TB case finding in people living with HIV as integral parts of HIV treatment, care and support services. The guidelines will outline how to diagnose latent TB infection in people living with HIV and how to integrate intensified TB case finding and isoniazid preventive therapy into HIV programmes. Implementation guides will also be developed to stimulate immediate implementation by all HIV service providers.

HIV/TB is a major public health threat for people living with HIV being the most common presenting illness in people living with HIV. TB prevention for and management in people living with HIV is an urgent priority, but there has been little collaboration between national HIV/AIDS and TB programmes.

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