08 Jul 2010

Priorities and Recommendations coming from YPLHIV Consultation

GNP+, in partnership with the World AIDS Campaign (WAC), recently held two consultations with YPLHIV from around the world. The first, an e-consultation, helped to shape the agenda and the content for a face to face consultation in June, in Amsterdam. During this second meeting, participants further explored issues that came from the e-consultation and were asked to elect a YPLHIV Advisory Group to support the programme with GNP+.

By the end of the consultations certain key themes had emerged above others, as being of significance to the community of YPLHIV:

  • Disclosure and respecting the rights of YPLHIV
  • Diversity of the YPLHIV Community
  • Continuum of Care for YPLHIV
  • Leadership and Empowerment of YPLHIV
  • Meaningful involvement of YPLHIV

The list above is not an exhaustive list but highlights the priorities as identified by YPLHIV. Participants further identified a set of 3 recommendations for action for each of these priority areas, which is available in English, Francais, Espanol, and русском. ( PDF, 0,15-0,3 Mb)

During AIDS 2010, the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, GNP+ wants to build on these recommendations and gather further input from other members of the YPLHIV community, to enhance our response in each of these areas. There will be focus group discussions for all YPLHIV to explore these issues further in the Youth Pavilion in the Global Village.

For more information about the YPLHIV Programme at GNP+, please contact GNP+ Youth Officer Adam Garner.

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