Consultations WHO Guidelines for Anti Retroviral Therapy

During Summer 2009 GNP+ identified key recommendations for the revision of the World Health Organisation’s Recommendations for Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) for HIV Infection in Adults and Adolescents (ART Guidelines). In two technical consultations at the IAS 2009 Cape Town and ICAAP 2009 Bali conferences, as well as an e-consultation, people living with HIV discussed what they expect from their treatment programmes, what should be included in the coming ART Guidelines revision, and what should not be included. The consultations included online and face to face consultations, in different regions in the world.

Here you will find:

Final Report GNP+ Consultations

Key Issues from GNP+, ICW, ITPC and Young Positives

Defining Standards of Treatment and Care: Asia Pacific Regional Consultation GNP+ / APN+ at ICAAP 2009

Voting with your Feet: Southern Africa Regional Consultation GNP+ / TAC at IAS 2009

Global Online Consultation GNP+ / NAM July – August 2009