Criminalisation Scan Information Sheet

“Criminalisation of HIV” is a phrase that is used to refer to enacting of laws directed at punishing behaviour that may transmit HIV and the application of general laws in a manner that targets those with HIV who may transmit or expose another person to HIV.

The Global Criminalisation Scan (The Scan) is a programme that was developed to respond to this growing trend. The Scan was initiated and is led by the Global Network of people living with HIV (GNP+) in partnership with others to map and document the existence of laws, practices and policies that impact on responses to HIV. The scan was adapted in 2010 to include protective as well as punitive laws.

Positive laws and policies create the environment in which necessary services can be easily and equitably accessed. For this to happen, these laws need to be promoted and enforced. Examples of positive laws and practices include laws that protect people living with HIV from discrimination, particularly discrimination on the grounds of actual or perceived HIV positive status.

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For more information on criminalisation of HIV, visit the the GNP+ criminalisation scan website