GIPA Report Card User Guide

The GIPA Report Card is a means of generating evidence about the application of the GIPA principle in-country based on the views and experiences of people living with HIV. The evidence will contribute to monitoring and evaluating governments’ and organisations’ application of the GIPA principle, with the aim of enhancing the programmatic, policy and funding actions taken to realise the greater involvement of people living with HIV in a country’s HIV response.

Depending on each country and the partners involved, the GIPA Report Card will be realised in different ways. In each case, people living with HIV must be at the center of the process, guiding the implementation of the GIPA Report Card. While multiple variations will occur (either cultural, regional or others), a number of key process components are recommended to effectively implement the GIPA Report Card.

Available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

Publication title:GIPA report card user guide
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