Global Advocacy Agenda

The People Living with HIV Global Advocacy Agenda, 2013-2015, was launched in December 2012. The Global Advocacy Agenda has guided networks of people living with HIV and other organizations in their advocacy since 1999.Throughout 2012, people living with HIV across the globe took part in an extensive consultation process, informing the development of this renewed Global Advocacy Agenda.

The Global Advocacy Agenda is a groundbreaking document for the movement of people living with HIV, guiding efforts to achieving Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention. Capturing the unmet needs of people living with HIV with respect to Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support; Human Rights; and Community Mobilisation, Strengthening and Activism, the Global Advocacy Agenda is designed to strengthen and enhance existing advocacy initiatives, in this critical period leading up to 2015. It reflects the diversity of the advocacy efforts within the community and as such is more than just an advocacy resource but a tool which galvanizes and unites people living with HIV and allies.

Despite the varied needs of people living with HIV the Global Advocacy Agenda focuses on the commonalities and principles that are pre-requisites to realizing a truly effective HIV response. However, as the rights and involvement of people living with HIV are still too often ignored for political, ideological and economic reasons, people living with HIV must take a lead in shaping the advocacy that effects change in all our lives – our meaningful involvement is crucial.

Available in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.