GNP+ Strategic Plan At A Glance 2011 – 2015

The Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) has been at the forefront of the HIV response since 1986. GNP+ aims to continue to play an active role in guaranteeing the meaningful involvement and quality of life of people living with HIV (PLHIV) by transforming itself in order to meet the ever-growing needs and challenges of the HIV response. Informed by the vision to be a powerful, united worldwide social movement of PLHIV, with their leadership and voice at the core of the HIV pandemic, GNP+  recognises the need to evolve with the times to remain current and cutting-edge.

This comprehensive Strategic Review explored key questions in three areas, focusing on the role, work, and governance of GNP+. While the new Strategic Plan 2011–2105 builds on the achievements of the past, it is also grounded in the realities facing PLHIV today and incorporates recommendations from GNP+’s Strategic Review. From the Strategic Review, GNP+ has identified the continued needs of PLHIV, opportunities and challenges for GNP+, and key priority areas for moving forward.

The Strategic Plan At A Glance is available in online version and in print version. For the print version, please print double sided, and fold through the middle twice.