LIVING2008: The Positive Leadership Summit

International gatherings of people living with HIV have been of tremendous importance to many positive people from around the world. Meeting in a safe and empowering environment has contributed both to their personal growth and to a strengthening of the PLHIV movement. These bi-annual international conferences of people living with HIV are a vital component of the global HIV response.

LIVING2008: The Positive Leadership Summit in July 2008 was the 12th international conference for people living with HIV since 1987. While the first international conferences were mainly European focussed, the most recent ones in Poland 1999, Trinidad/Tobago 2001, and Uganda 2003 brought together up to 800 people living with HIV from up to 84 countries. In Mexico City in 2008 almost 250 people living with HIV participated.

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Publication title:LIVING2008: The Positive Leadership Summit
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