Kenya: Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention

This report reviews the combined findings and recommendations of research conducted by NEPHAK using five GNP+ evidence gathering tools, trying to answer the questions how we can create a Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention (PHDP) Framework for Kenya. It explores whether the evidence contained within the five reports to describe the country’s progress towards achieving the values of PHDP and to document the existence and performance of the programmatic components (policies, services and initiatives) are ready to be integrated into a national PHDP framework, and then highlights recommendations most likely to improve the health and dignity of PLHIV in Kenya.

A thematic review was performed of the findings, conclusions and recommendations to search for any significant reference to the key PHDP themes and issues, as described by the PHDP Policy Framework. Observations were made on any topic which was not addressed in the LTA research.

The report summarises the key findings of the review, and describes the key barriers and opportunities to advance PHDP as suggested by the thematic analysis and the action steps for PHDP advocacy that can be drawn from the LTA research recommendations.