Quality of HIV Care Experienced by People Living with HIV

When the WHO was updating its recommendation on the use of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs to treat and prevent HIV, GNP+ was requested to consult with people living with HIV worldwide to share how they experienced the quality of HIV care they received.

This report explains how 534 respondents from over 100 countries gave highest priority for the WHO to “assist countries to develop country policies on HIV treatment and care” and to “develop guidelines on treatment of HIV”.

To respondents, people centred care means that care is easy accessible, of good quality, humane, respectful and dignified. HIV should be normalised and families and communities should be involved. It means a holistic and personalized approach. Care should be coordinated, and services should be integrated. Respondents want to have a partnership between the health worker and the user. They want to have access to their medical records and test results in order to self-manage and self-direct their care.

You can access the complete report below.