17 Jan 2019

Teleconference Recording: Communities Delegates Speak Out

Earlier this week GNP+ hosted an informational teleconference with civil society representatives from the UNAIDS PCB, Global Fund and UNITAID community board delegations who are on the front line of shaping global HIV policy during a time marked by diminishing financial resources and radically shifting ideological and political agendas.

The call, which was attended by community activists and advocates from around the world, featured Alexander Pastoors, HIV Vereniging (Netherlands) and alternate member of the UNPCB NGO Delegation for Europe, Maurine Murenga, Lean on Me Foundation (Kenya), Board Member, Communities Delegation of the Global Fund, Sasha Volgina, GNP+ Program manager and Unitaid NGO Delegation Member and Dr. Matthew Kavanagh, HealthGap and O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Georgetown University.

The speakers discussed key events, deliberations and decisions made during the most recent UNAIDS PCB, Global Fund and UNITAID board meetings as well as the ongoing PEPFAR COP processes. They also spoke about how their efforts will advance the critical bilateral and multilateral funding, policy and strategic direction discussions that will impact the future health, safety and well-being of all people living with HIV globally in 2019.

Click here to listen & view the recording of the webinar.

Additional Community Resources From the Speakers 


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